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Stevenomics: A guide to economic directions

The Economy: The World is not Ending

Today’s 1st Stevenomics article is a touch of an introduction and brief idea of where we are, imo, in this US and World economy. These will be my thoughts. You may or may not agree with them. But, isn’t that what makes it fun :-) As always appreciate those that tweet, facebook and share this!

About 18 months ago, I had predicted that by late 4th of 2010 and 1st of 2011 the economy, jobs etc would start it’s journey toward humming along. While other folks were saying oil was going to $150-$200 per barrel (would have been devastating), my research showed plenty of oil, price rise from over reaction to some world events, speculators etc. Since then, the price has come back to Earth and briefly touched below $90. Even the OPEC powers that be know that oil over $105 makes American consumers, i.e. their customers, decrease their use of petrol. Continue reading