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Welcome to VC Stock Marketing Chat!  Real time trading is the future of the market!
We hope you learn, have fun and most of all build your portfolio in the chat. This chat is FREE. There is no reason you should ever have to pay for a chat.
In order to make it enjoyable for all we have a few rules.
No links to spam/pump e-mail sites. We love a good promo to trade but…ya know. 1st gets a warning, second gets a time out, 3rd a ban. Obvious spam gets the boot
Try not to ask teaching questions during trading hours. Our skilled traders are calling their plays and trying to trade. It is up to you whether to buy sell or hold. no one else. Your loss or gain is of your own doing.
Be respectful of our members, have fun, get financial freedom!

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For those with low memory problems that can not handle the TV in chat. Here is a non TV chat link so you can join us as well! http://webeatwallstreet.com/stocktraderschat/